Hijama Services - Cupping Therapy

ND. Mohammed El Barkaoui

Revolutionize your health with Hijama: the ancient method to regain your natural balance!

Hijama is an ancient therapeutic practice that involves the application of cups on specific points of the body to detoxify the body and restore its natural balance. This simple and effective technique has been used for centuries in many cultures and today, it is more popular than ever.

Whether you are seeking better health, more energy, or simply looking to relax, Hijama is a natural solution that can help you achieve your goals.

Contact us now to discover the benefits of Hijama and regain your natural balance. Take care of your body and health, transform your life with Hijama!

Free your body from pain with Hijama

  • Hijama sunna
  • Hijama and anti stress massage
  • Hijama detoxification
  • Hijama allergy prevention
  • Hijama and headache relief
  • Hijama and relief of buzzing
  • Hijama and relief of tendonitis and Arthritis
  • Hijama and relief of low back pain and sciatica
  • Hijama for complications of overweight
  • Hijama and relief of psychic suffering
  • Hijama and relief of chronic pain

Therapeutic Massage Service

Therapeutic Massage is an effective method to relieve muscular and tendon pain, as well as to improve overall health and well-being. It uses various techniques to effectively treat painful areas.

Cupping massage for children is a gentle and safe method to relieve pain and improve blood circulation, while acupressure stimulates the acupuncture points of the body to relieve pain and regulate bodily functions. Finally, fascia therapy helps to release tension in the fascia, improving blood circulation and reducing pain.

Therapeutic Massage is a natural solution to relieve muscular and tendon pain, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress and tension accumulated in the body. Contact us now to experience the benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Naturopathy Service

Join our Naturopathy Service to achieve a perfect balance between your body and mind. We are here to help you solve health problems that have been bothering you for a long time.

Obesity in men - Fight excess weight with our personalized program of healthy eating and physical exercise tailored to your needs.

Detoxification through fasting - Deeply purify your body and regain your shape with our fasting detoxification program.

Cupping therapy for athletes - Optimize your sports performance by getting massaged by our cupping therapy professionals. Cupping therapy helps reduce muscle pain and injuries, allowing you to push yourself further.

Don't hesitate any longer, sign up now to discover the power of Naturopathy.

Hormonal Imbalance and Weight Management Service

Feeling tired, stressed, and low on energy? Hormonal imbalances may be the root of your health issues. Excess weight, andropause, menopause, diabetes, thyroid problems, adrenal stress, insomnia, low energy in athletes, and digestive system issues can all impact your well-being.

But there is a solution to regain your health and well-being. Our fitness program provides you with the necessary tools to restore hormonal balance and regain your vitality.

We have created customized programs to meet your individual needs for weight loss, weight gain, diabetes management, energy boost, and detoxification.

Join our program now and discover how we can help you regain your health and well-being.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When to make the Hijama (cupping) ?
There are two distinct categories of hijama
  • Hijama Souna as a preventive measure where one must respect the authentic Hadites. 17-19-21 of the lunar month or in general the last two weeks according to Dr IBN Sina. It will be used for detoxification, allergy, stress, fatigue... it can be repeated every three, four or six months.
  • Hijama for treatment which is practiced at any day and any time when one needs to make the evil disappear. Example migraine lumbago sciatica tendonitis, shoulder pain.
The scope of application of the Hijama (cupping) ?
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Sexual pathologies
  • Muscle, ligament and tendinitis pathologies
  • Neurological pathologies and acute or chronic pain
  • Poor Circulation of Blood and Lymph: Development of Immunity
  • Allergies and body detoxification Others....
The means used ?
have evolved over time
The hijama uses small containers that are applied to the patient's skin, creating a vacuum
It is an effective means of treatment that has been widely used for over 3000 years in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
  • Animal horns and earthen pots.
  • Bamboo in Asia
  • Copper container in North Africa
  • Glass is disposable and often reusable after disinfection. Uses fire to adhere to the skin.
  • Recently plastic containers often disposable or and sometimes reusable dedicated to the same patient. Uses a pump to suck on the skin. The suction can be light or strong depending on the desired effect
  • It is the latter, more hygienic method that is used in our clinic.
What are the side effects ?
  • Dark red stains from the imprint of the used container that disappear in two to three days
  • Soothing and vitality immediately or three to five days after hijama (cuuping)
  • Rarely, a general fatigue during the first two days, which can be avoided if one follows the instructions after treatment.
  • Exceptionally, small bubbles form on the skin.
How to prepare for the Hijama (cupping) ?
  • To present yourself with an empty stomach at least two to three hours before the session
  • A well hydrated body especially on the day of the hijama.
  • The woman should check if she is pregnant. In general, pregnancy is a contraindication to hijama.
  • Hairy areas should be shaved.
  • Physical workouts should be postponed 24 hours after hijama.
  • Plan to eat lightly all day (salads, soups, herbal teas...)
What is the price of Hijama ?
  • The price of the Hijama is set after a free preliminary evaluation which is necessary to understand what you need and the reason(s) for the Hijama.
  • The price varies between 80$ and 170$ including consumables and taxes.
  • At the end of each session you are entitled to 5 minutes of free advice on lifestyle and prevention of metabolic diseases.
Prices for Hijama detoxification ?
  • 3 suction cups $80
  • 4 suction cups $90
  • 5 suction cups $100
  • 6 suction cups $110
  • 7 suction cups $120
At the end of each session you are entitled to 5 minutes of free advice on lifestyle and prevention of metabolic diseases.

« Medicine is the art of maintaining health and eventually curing disease in the body » Hence Avicenna's attention to hygiene (in the broadest sense of the word): cleanliness but also a balanced diet, regular physical exercise, prevention of risky behaviour and finally the establishment and maintenance of good relations with others.